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Port Royal Retreat 

Port Royal; Outdoor Lighting & Landscape Lighting Project

Port Royal Retreat Outdoor Lighting Design


The Port Royal Retreat is one of our favorite Naples landscape lighting projects to date which truly put Beacon on the map down in Port Royal resulting in five adjacent neighbors immediately hiring our landscape lighting design/installation company to redesign their entire systems.


Landscape Lighting Design Consultation 

Upon our first landscape lighting consultation with the homeowner, the customer expressed that they had a low voltage landscape lighting system installed only 24 months ago but have had countless issues with their outdoor lighting system and were never happy with the illumination as a whole. Hearing the customers' concerns we presented both options of either repairing the existing lighting system and tweaking the design as best as we could with their existing outdoor light fixtures or doing a complete overhaul.

Knowing that the customer was not truly happy with the existing landscape lighting design and installation, our design team put together a complete lighting design focusing on the wants and desires expressed by the homeowner and how the story goes the customer decided on a complete overhaul of the system.


Front Elevation Lighting 

We started off the design by illuminating any and all Oak trees surrounding the property, especially trees found adjacent to areas of vehicle and foot traffic. By illuminating these mature canopy trees we were able to create both a dramatic effect as you approached the estate as well as creating adequate ambient light that assisted with foot and vehicle traffic.

Next, we illuminated the front elevation of the estate using fixtures that allowed full adjustment to beam spread and lumen output (light output) allowing us to make micro adjustments to the lighting system. Having many textures, colors, and finishes on the front elevation of the home it was necessary to change the amount of lumens in different areas since different textures, colors, and finishes reflect light differently; this ensured that the illumination would be balanced across the entire design.



Courtyard Landscape Lighting 

As you approach the front door to this estate you are met with a courtyard that is something out of a fairytale and we knew we needed to do something special with the lighting.

Having much of the floor plan of this home wrapping around the courtyard we needed to design something that did not add unwanted glare into different living spaces of the home. To achieve this we incorporated path-lights throughout the design that added pockets of interest to the waxy landscape as well as intermittently adding up-lights on different unique portions of the foliage. Finally, to bring it all together we illuminated the aquatic feature from within creating instant reflective light into the area and a magical glow of dancing light in and around the courtyard.

Garage Outdoor/Landscape Lighting 

On the side of the property where the garages can be found, the customer had a private gatehouse entrance that we illuminated by shining the light up into the arch of the arcade casting light down into the surrounding hardscape.

Adjacent to the parking area there is a retainer wall that we illuminated using strip/tape lighting underneath the capstone casting enough light onto an otherwise dark portion of the property assisting the customer in backing in and out of the garage space during evening hours. To add some additional usable light to the area we added subtle up-lighting into the waxy Fishtail palms that helped add additional usable light to this area.



Rear Patio Landscape Lighting 

The customer expressed many times during our landscape lighting design meetings that he often entertained guests and that having adequate illumination in the rear of the property was essential. Knowing this, we illuminated the rear living space in many different ways all constructed in a manner to give him full control of different lighting scenes separately. Constructing his system in this manner allowed the customer to create endless different lighting effects for the space to match the current needs of the evening.

If he was hosting an event all lights throughout the rear of the property could be turned on to add as much usable light to the area including turning on all bistro lights, pergola down-lighting, aquatic lighting, and faux flame scones.

On the contrary, the system could also be adjusted to only turn on faux flame scones and subtle landscape lighting illumination when they planned to just enjoy their outdoor living space and slow down.


  • We had a wonderful experience from beginning to end with Cory and Beacon Lighting. He was patient, courteous, and professional. Beyond that, Cory was able to take the vague ideas of how we wanted our home to look, and come up with a vision that well exceeded our expectations. The installation was seamless, and the final result is amazing. We absolutely love our new lighting and the extra beauty it brings to our home and landscaping.

    Kristie H.

  • Cory is simply the best! If you are looking for a company to help you with outdoor lighting, you have found the best. We had a great experience with Cory, he is a hard worker, very professional, and is respectful about keeping to a budget. I would give him 6 stars if I could!

    Gary P.

  • We love Cory from Beacon Outdoor Lighting! Very professional, polite, and clean. Our backyard entertainment area is now beautifully lit and the lights highlight our Florida landscape well. Cory also installed lighting on the sides and in front of our house that makes the whole yard feel safer at night. Very competitively priced & much more pleasant to deal with than other contractors we’ve hired in the past. 10/10 would recommend to all my friends!  
    Marina B. 


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