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7 Reason to install landscape lighting in Southwest Florida

November 18, 2020 by Cory Moore

Have you been thinking about having landscape lighting installed at your home?

Here are 7 reasons to install landscape lighting here in Southwest Florida. 


1.) Extend Outdoor Living Space 

One of the best reasons to install landscape lighting in Florida is to extend your outdoor living spaces at night. Without exterior lighting, the fun and exciting spaces of your property, including your gazebos, pergolas, fireplace, outdoor kitchens, disappear into the night. With a professionally installed outdoor lighting system, you will be able to enjoy your property hours after the sun has set.

2.) Increased Curb Appeal 

Landscape Lighting is a wonderful way to increase curb appeal on your property. A professionally installed outdoor lighting system has a "wow" factor and creates a beautiful evening ambiance. Also, outdoor lighting draws your attention to your home's unique features, including specimen trees, yard art, and elegant architectural features. 

3.) Increased Safety

Outdoor and landscape lighting is a sure way to increase safety around your home. A properly lit home will have all the hazardous areas of your home illuminated to reduce the possibility of injury. When we design a lighting system, we identify possible tripping hazards around the property, including stairs, uneven walkways, and elevation and surface changes. By illuminating these areas, homeowners and guests should walk the property at night with little to no concern of injury. 

4.) Increased Security

Landscape and outdoor lighting is a great way to increase security around your property. A well-illuminated home is a deterrent for any unwanted guests that may be lurking in the shadows. One way we increase security with landscape lighting is to illuminate the home's entry points, including the front entry, garage, and rear doors. We also increase security with landscape lighting by illuminating your property's perimeter; when there are no dark corners, it makes it very hard for intruders to hide. 

5.) Raise Property Value

A professionally designed and installed landscape lighting system will certainly raise your home or business's property value. Landscape lighting should highlight your home's unique features, such as the ornately designed gazebo in the property's rear. By drawing the onlookers' eyes to these features, in essence, you are telling the viewer where to look. We have successfully increased home values with landscape lighting by designing a lighting system that catches the eyes of all that pass by the home. As a former real estate agent, I know that the only way to sell a home is to get noticed! 

6.) Return to an Inviting home 

There is nothing more inviting than driving home to the relaxing ambiance of outdoor lighting. As you drive up to your property, you can slow down and appreciate all the home aspects you have worked so hard on, beautifully illuminated. Stepping out of your vehicle, you will be greeted by a well-lit pathway that leads you to the front door. Then slip off your shoes, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy the up-lit palms blowing in the breeze from the lanai. 

7.) Ambiance from the interior of the home. 

One of the often forgotten design techniques of a professionally designed outdoor lighting system is what the lighting design will look like from the multiple view corridors of your home. When designing a lighting system, all major viewing angles must be taken into consideration for the overall lighting system. Professional lighting design should be welcoming for the onlookers passing by and for the owners themselves from the interior of the home. Without proper exterior lighting, it seems that your property ends at the windows. With landscape lighting, your property is visually extended in the evening hours, allowing you to enjoy the extent of your property from the interior of your home.



  • We had a wonderful experience from beginning to end with Cory and Beacon Lighting. He was patient, courteous, and professional. Beyond that, Cory was able to take the vague ideas of how we wanted our home to look, and come up with a vision that well exceeded our expectations. The installation was seamless, and the final result is amazing. We absolutely love our new lighting and the extra beauty it brings to our home and landscaping.

    Kristie H.

  • Cory is simply the best! If you are looking for a company to help you with outdoor lighting, you have found the best. We had a great experience with Cory, he is a hard worker, very professional, and is respectful about keeping to a budget. I would give him 6 stars if I could!

    Gary P.

  • We love Cory from Beacon Outdoor Lighting! Very professional, polite, and clean. Our backyard entertainment area is now beautifully lit and the lights highlight our Florida landscape well. Cory also installed lighting on the sides and in front of our house that makes the whole yard feel safer at night. Very competitively priced & much more pleasant to deal with than other contractors we’ve hired in the past. 10/10 would recommend to all my friends!  
    Marina B. 


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