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How to Maintain Your Outdoor Lighting System

December 18, 2023 by Cory Moore

Taking Care of Your Outdoor Lights

Making your outdoor space look amazing with landscape lighting is a smart move. The soft glow on your garden or along your paths not only makes things look nice but also adds a touch of magic to the area. However, like any great piece of art, your outdoor lighting needs some attention to keep shining.


In this simple guide, we'll look at the basics of maintaining your outdoor lighting to make sure they last and keep your outdoor space looking fantastic.

Check Your Lights Regularly: Keep the Path Bright

Your first step in maintaining your lighting system is look closely at each light, checking for any damage. Keep an eye out for cracked lenses, loose wires, or signs of rust or corrosion. If you find any damage or issues, fix them right away to prevent additional problems arising within your system. 

Also, check for any burned-out bulbs and replace them. As a professional we use multimeters to check voltage at each fixture location to identify if fixtures failure is just a failed bulb or if we are looking at a more serious issue like cut wires. 

As a homeowner you may not have a multimeter so your next best option is to have a few extra LEDs laying around that you can swap to see if it’s just a failed LED. 

Clean Your Lights: Let Them Shine

Dust and dirt can build up on your lights lenses over time, making them less bright. To keep your lights looking great, clean them regularly.

Use a soft cloth or sponge with mild soapy water to gently clean your lights. Avoid using strong chemicals that might damage the lights. This gentle cleaning not only makes your lights look good but also ensures they shine as bright as possible.

If you have heavy deposits caking on your lens you can use CLR to remove the deposits but be careful because the solution can discolor some materials if applied to heavily. 

Adjust and Align Your Lights: Find the Right Angle

There are a 100 different ways lights can become improperly aligned whether that's from a rogue reindeer running through your yard 🎄or your friendly neighborhood landscaper mowing the lawn . If your lights aren't aligned correctly, this could completely disrupt the effect of the lighting fixtures. When you are walking the property attempt to adjust fixtures so the light is shining directly at the subject it was intended to illuminate. 

During your maintenance routine, check the position of each light and adjust them if needed. 

Trim Your Plants: Clear the Way

Plants can grow around your lights, blocking the light and making your outdoor space look less nice. To keep the magical feeling, regularly trim the plants around your lights.

Clearing the way for light not only brings back the beauty of your outdoor space but also makes sure the light reaches where it's supposed to. This is especially important for paths and accent lighting, where blocked light can be a safety issue.

Check Your Wiring: Keep Things Safe

A crucial part of maintaining outdoor lights is checking the wires to make sure they're buried  and not damaged. Loose or exposed wires can be dangerous and can eventually cause lights to stop working entirely. 

During your check, carefully look at the wires, and if you see any issues, it's a good idea to get a professional to fix them. Well-maintained wiring not only keeps your outdoor lights working but also prevents potential safety concerns. 

Adjust for the Seasons: Change with the Weather

As the seasons change, your outdoor lights might need some adjustments. In the shorter days, you might want to change the timer settings so your lights turn on at the right time.

Consider using a timer or a lighting control system to make these adjustments automatically. This makes it easier to keep your outdoor space well-lit all year round. Being proactive like this ensures your outdoor lights keep making your space look great, no matter the season.

Protect Your Lights from the Weather: Choose Wisely

Outdoor lights are exposed to the elements all the time, so it's important to choose lights that can handle rain, and extreme temperatures. Getting high-quality, weather-resistant lights minimizes the impact of bad weather on your lights.

Regularly check for water inside the lights and fix any issues quickly. This preventive step keeps your lights in top condition, making sure they work well for a long time.

Get Professional Help: Shine with Expert Assistance

While you can do regular maintenance yourself, it's a good idea to have a professional check things out from time to time. An expert can do a thorough inspection, fix any potential issues, and give you advice on how to make your lights work even better.

Professional maintenance not only makes sure your outdoor lights last a long time but also lets you benefit from the knowledge of experienced professionals. They might suggest upgrades or improvements to make your outdoor lights work and look even better.

In Conclusion: Keep Your Lights Shining Bright

Taking care of your outdoor lights isn't just about making them look good; it's also about keeping things safe and efficient. Well-maintained lights not only make your outdoor space more enjoyable but also make your lights last longer. With a bit of care, your outdoor lights can keep giving off their magical glow, turning your outdoor space into a radiant masterpiece.

So, in summary, making your outdoor space look great with lights is more than just making things pretty; it's about finding the right balance of style and function. By following the simple steps in this guide, you can make sure your outdoor space stays beautiful and safe. Keep shining, elevating, and radiating: a well-maintained outdoor lighting system shines the brightest.




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